Access Control Services In Blackpool And Fylde

We can provide businesses in the Blackpool and Fylde area with a wide range of different security protection services. This includes security grilles, master key systems, electronic access control, CCTV and more! Read on to find out how we can help you keep your employees and premise safe and secure.

Electronic Access Control Systems

With an electronic access control system, you can monitor and control who has access to areas of your workplace. An electronic access control system offers a variety of safety and security benefits and it can even be linked up with your existing HR systems.

Master Keys

A master key is exactly what it sounds like, with one you’ll be able to avoid carrying large bunches of keys, with our modern system you’ll be able to specify which key opens which door, so you can ensure people will only have access to the parts of your business they need to enter.

Security Grille Services

Our experienced team can install a wide-range of security grilles and bars, these can be fitted to doors and windows of both private properties and business premises. They come in a variety of different designs so if you need advice just get in touch.

Security Gates Services

A security gate can be installed in your home or business premise and offers a wide-range of benefits. They are ideal for keeping out unwanted visitors and like security grilles, they come in a variety of different styles this includes both automatic and manual gates. If you’re unsure what type of security gate is best for you then don’t worry we can help, just get in touch today.

Security Shutter Services

Security shutters offer a host of benefits and they are one of the best ways to ensure your place of business is sufficiently protected. Shutters will keep your business safe from burglars and vandals and we can install both door and window shutters.

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are one of the most effective ways to monitor your business and we can supply and install a wide range of camera systems including ones to suit both small and large businesses.

Fire Door Services

Fire doors are more than just a valuable way to protect your business they are a legal requirement in many places. Businesses will need to conduct risk assessments and provide security and safety features in case of a fire. So, if you need fire doors or want to find out how your business can benefit from them just get in touch today.

Door Closers and Door Openers

Door openers and closers are a great way to ensure your business is always safe and secure! They work by making sure your door is closed properly and can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of different doors including fire safety doors.

Door openers and closers come in a range of different types including both manual and electronic, and we can help you with both. We can also help you get your existing door openers and closers repaired and serviced.

Our Clients

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