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No one wants to be locked out but try as we might it can happen, whether you lose your keys, forget them or the door accidentally blows shut the end result is the same. It's much more common than many people think and if it happens to you, you'll need help fast! We are professional, experienced locksmiths who operate in Blackpool and Fylde and we can help you with a wide range of locking issues. Whether you need a new key cut, a replacement UPVC door or window key of have unfortunately been the victim of a burglary and can't get access to your home we can help.

I’ve Lost My Keys!

No one wants to lose their keys but every year thousands if not more of us do just that especially with our house keys! But we can help, just contact us and we'll send assistance to you right away. We can help you:

  • Get entry back into your home or property.
  • Change the locks on both your front and back door.
  • Provide you with new keys for your locks.

Getting replacement locks installed after you've lost your keys is essential for security, and if you need them changed you might want to consider the following steps.

  • You could upgrade your home/ property's locks to a more advanced system.
  • You can ensure your new locks meet any insurance requirements you might have.
  • Take the opportunity to keep all you locks alike so one key will work on them all.

Help I’ve lost my front / back door keys

If you have lost your front or back doors key, the solution is very simple.  Please click here to contact us we will:

  • Help you gain entry to the property
  • Change the lock for security preventions to eliminate use of your old keys
  • Cut keys for your new lock

 If you are having your locks changed then you may want to consider:

  • Upgrading to higher security locks
  • Making sure the new locks meet insurance requirements
  • Keying your locks alike ( one key to work all locks )

 Lost UPVC Door Keys

If you lose the keys to your UPVC door don't worry we can help you with that as well, our team will help you:

  • Get quick, easy access to your property once again.
  • We will also change the UPVC door's lock cylinder to ensure your home/ property is secure.

While we are changing the UPVC door's lock cylinder you can take the opportunity to increase your security as well, you could consider:

  • Getting your lock cylinder upgrade to a more advanced model like the SS312 Diamond approved cylinder, which will also protect you from lock snapping.
  • You can ensure your new lock cylinder meets any insurance requirements.
  • Upgrading your lock system to a more advanced model like a multipoint system, which will increase your security.
  • Change all the locking cylinders so a single-key will work on them all.

Lost UPVC Window Keys

Just like with UPVC doors we'll be able to provide you with a new key, so you can open and lock your windows again.

Lost Garage Door Keys

A garage door key is something a bit extra-special they don't look like your standard key, do they? But don't worry we can still help if you lose yours, we can cut a new key for you on site and we can also increase the security of your garage as well.

We can professionally fit new security products to your garage doors and they are Sold Secure approved. So, you can be sure they'll increase and improve your garage's security.

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