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We will be able to help you if you have Lost your Keys or Locked out in any situation, usually if your key is damaged in the lock we be able to cut a key there and then.  You could be locked out of your house/flat and lost your front door or back door keys, or even just need some replacement UPVC window or door keys, had your keys stolen or been a victim of a burglary then we can certainly help you in this situation.

What to do if I have lost my only set of House Keys? 

If you lose your only set of keys to your house/flat that may contain either your front or back door keys read our advice:

Please click here to contact us

  •  Our locksmith will either change your locks or they will happily supply you with exactly what you need to keep you in compliance with BS3621 and keep you, your family and possessions, safe from unwanted visitors.
  • In future its always safe to have a spare set of keys, so having your keys cut is a advisable thing to do.
  • Lost Front or Back Door Keys
  • Lost Garage Door Keys
  • UPVC Window
  • UPVC Door
  • Lost Keys to a restricted or  suited lock ( As MLA Locksmiths we can usually help or point you in the correct direction )

Help I’ve lost my front / back door keys

If you have lost your front or back doors key, the solution is very simple.  Please click here to contact us we will:

  • Help you gain entry to the property
  • Change the lock for security preventions to eliminate use of your old keys
  • Cut keys for your new lock

 If you are having your locks changed then you may want to consider:

  • Upgrading to higher security locks
  • Making sure the new locks meet insurance requirements
  • Keying your locks alike ( one key to work all locks )

 I’ve lost my keys to a UPVC Door

Similar to losing your front or back door keys, we will be able to:

  • Gain entry to your property
  • Change the lock cylinder

 If you’re changing your lock cylinder then you may want to consider:

  • Upgrading the cylinder to a SS312 Diamond approved cylinder to protect from lock snapping
  • Making sure the new cylinders meet insurance requirements
  • Keying your cylinders alike ( one key to work all locks )
  • Consider upgrading the multipoint locking system on the door to help improve security

Lost my keys to a UPVC Window

We will be able to provide you with a new key.

Lost the keys to a Garage Doors

Garage doors keys are usual slightly different in appearance to front and back door keys, but, we will have no problem in cutting a new key for you on site.

Our locksmith may also be able to increase security of your garage doors by fitting additional security products such as those that areSold Secure approved.

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