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There are number of reasons why a UPVC Door or Window lock will need repairing if it is broken or damaged, you will either be able to fix the problem or you might need a replacement. Please click here to contact us  and we will be able to advise you on the best solution.

UPVC door and window locks are commonly found on your common domestic homes front & back doors, and also can be found on french and patio doors.  As an MLA approved locksmith we deal with the below problems on a daily basis and will be able to help you:

1.  Key does not go all the way in or will not turn

If the key does not go into the lock cylinder (sometimes called euro lock) all the way in, or the key will go in and not turn usually this is a euro cylinder failure. So this part needs to be replaced once the door has been opened.

A new lock cylinder will be required if the euro lock is worn.  

Reason for this

Common reasons this happens are usually because the euro lock worn, a cheap lock has been fitted, the key has been left on the inside and lock operated from other side and the lock is now out of sync, or general wear and tear.

abs chrome mk3 cylinder UPVC Door & Window Lock Repair

2. Key goes in and turns

If the key goes into the euro lock and turns anti clockwise (unlock) one complete turn and the door won’t open this is usually a sign that the multi point lock has failed or a security bolt or hook has jammed.

Reason for this

Common reasons this usually happens are: door and frame not fitting correctly or are out of alignment and the handles have been forced up to lock and the delicate mechanism has broken, general wear and tear, or possibly that the door is slammed constantly.

3. UPVC Door Won’t Shut Close

Reason for this

This is commonly caused by either the strike receiver for latch part of lock not being adjusted correctly or having worked loose and now not being set correctly, or the door trim rubber has moved and is not sitting properly on door stopping the door from shutting correctly. Please click here to contact us.

Door or window lock is damaged or broken?

1. UPVC door/window lock proble when lifting(floppy handle)

Upvc door/window lock is very notchy when lifting the upvc door or window handle is usually due to a worn or faulty locking mechanism. If you have a problem when lifting the handle it’s usually due to faulty mechanism.

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If you have a problem when lifting the handle it’s usually due to faulty mechanism
2. Key goes in but, have to jiggle up and down

When a key goes into euro profile cylinder but you have to jiggle or pull key up or down is usually a sign of badly cut keys or a faulty or worn euro cylinder lock.

3. Door hook or bolt wont retract in or out

One of the multi point hooks or bolts won’t retract in or out properly when the window handle or upvc door handle is operated is usually a sign of a broken mechanism or locking security device.

Can you replace the Lock without a Key?

A key is usually needed

The reason a key is usually needed to change a euro profile cylinder lock is the cam on the lock (the part that locks the handle which in turn operates the upvc mechanism when the key is turned) needs to be in line with the euro lock body to remove from the door.

I do not have the keys

If you have no keys and the euro cylinder retaining screw is removed in the usual way the euro lock will NOT slide out as the cam is in the wrong position stopping the euro lock from being removed.

A locksmith can change lock if you have no key

As MLA approved locksmiths we will be able to attend site and change the euro lock even if no key is available by using an array of specialist tools and knowledge to align the cam in the correct position to remove the euro profile cylinder lock without damaging the door.

Common types of multipoints locking systems a locksmith can repair/replace:

Our Locksmiths can repair or replace many different types of upvc locking mechanisms usually on site. Upvc locking mechanisms have evolved over time with the security levels offered originating with the latch and roller style mechanism’s and now usually latch, deadbolt and hook variants on offer from most high security upvc/composite door sets.

Upgrade out of date multi point locking mechanisms

Our locksmiths can usually upgrade any out of date upvc multi point locking mechanisms for the higher security, hook and bolt style higher security locking units. Helping also usually as well with high security door furniture (e.g. security handles and the latest offerings of euro profile locking technology with anti snap, bump, pick, drill locks available today.

Common types of security on upvc/composite locking units consist of:

  • Latch
  • Deadbolt
  • Roller Cam
  • Mushroom Cam
  • Hook & Pin
  • Hook
  • Pin
Keys in UPVC Door Lock UPVC Door & Window Lock Repair

Door or Window will not Lock

  1.  Window or door strikes are not in the correct position to allow the mechanism to reach the fully locked correct position or handle to reach maximum lift position to allow the key to turn on upvc/composite doors.
  2.  Hinges may require adjusting to allow correct fitting of door and frame or window and frame.

Have a problem with the door not locking?

  1.  Rubber surrounding window or door not sitting correctly.
  2.  Mechanical failure of part either locking mechanism in window or door, euro cylinder or hardware problem with broken or worn lock furniture usually (locking window handle or upvc door handles). 

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